Author Topic: Pros and Cons of some current MMOs  (Read 719 times)


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Pros and Cons of some current MMOs
« on: November 13, 2017, 01:57:24 PM »
So I was thinking during my drive today about a few of the MMOs that I have played and currently playing. Got me thinking why I spent my time on some and others didn't and wanted to chat about others experiences in this regard. So I am currently playing 2 very different ones and I will begin there.

Black Desert Online
Ground combat is fast paced and very fun
Classes each play very different for the most part so lots of variety
Has lots of different content to get lost in for both PVP and PVE

PVP gear and level gap is almost unreachable at end game
Some of the community in game can be very toxic
Very linear track with gear as there is really only one final option endgame
RNG is built into every aspect of the game

Star Trek Online
The connection to Star Trek is great for Trekies
Space combat is different gameplay from most MMOs I have tried
Very good community in game both in our fleet and overall from what I have seen
Storyline is very well put together and lots of PVE content
PVE queues are each very different with interesting mechanics

Learning curve is very harsh and leveling maybe to quick putting you against content you are not ready for
Maybe just my understanding level but so far theory crafting is not something I have heard a lot
The amount of pay for ships is very daunting so seems a lot of content is wallet gated

Elder Scrolls Online
Content has a great feel for people who have played Elder Scrolls for years
Combat is fun and has lots of possibilities as each class can basically do anything
Theory Crafting is so abundant in this game as there are hundreds of Final tier gear choices
You can mix and match sets to make the options mind boggling

Buffs and Nerfs are to extreme from patch to patch
Gear is always being added which sometimes makes you fully have to rebuild full gear setup
Large scale PVP got broke over the years and lag and server issues killed it some
5 guild system made loyalty real hard to obtain and guilds had to specialize to survive
Content releases are to fast paced and all are purchase to play addons

Final Fantasy
Content felt like beautiful FF world
Storyline is very well written and very engaging

Combat to out of date, slow, and was not able to get past that

Feel free to add some of your different games and your feelings on them
Also if you think different on any of the games I have listed would love to hear your take on them
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Re: Pros and Cons of some current MMOs
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 07:56:36 PM »
So I was thinking during my drive
yea, that's where I do my thinking ...hehe
FF14 to kitty for me, BDO to much work for me and laggy.
STO a bit buggy and unbalance, but I still love the game,